Corbin is responsible for our middle and high school students at theCross. Corbin grew up all around the United States but moved to Apopka, Florida, in early high school. He spent the rest of his teenage years in the area and then attended Johnson University in Kissimmee, FL. There he received his BA in Preaching and Church Leadership but also fell in love with Youth Ministry.

Corbin met his wife, Morgan, at a youth group in the Apopka area when they were both sophomores in high school and married in 2020. They have two dogs: a Boxer Hound mix named Koda and an Australian Shepherd Cattle Dog mix named Beckham.

In his free time, Corbin loves to be around his family and friends. He is a big fan of both board games and video games, but he won’t ever shy away from sitting on a couch and watching a great movie.

Corbin is passionate about the current generation of youth and loves to help them find Jesus and lead others to do the same!