Bible Studies & Small Groups

Bible studies and small groups are a big deal.

This season we are offering some amazing Bible Study opportunities. Join now!


Interested in Leading a Future Small Group?

Leading a Small Group isn’t about being perfect; it’s about serving others by giving them a place to connect. Hosting a group is simple—select a time and location to meet and let Pastor Jacob know!

We give you the essential tools to make your small group successful! We believe people’s lives are changed one season at a time by moving one step toward Christ, and as a Small Group leader you get to play an important role in that process!

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    Answering "No" does not disqualify you from leading a small group. We have a need within our church for leaders that are willing and able to host kids for our younger families.

Still Not Sure? We get it. If you still have some questions about Small Groups, please contact Executive Pastor Jacob!

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