Restoration Nights

Restoration Nights

Restoration Nights are broken up into 2 hours. In the first hour, we come together to worship, pray, and listen to a biblical teaching about hope and healing. In the second hour, we dive deeper into our gender-specific Healing Groups. These nights are for individuals 18 years and older.

You may be asking yourself, “Who are these nights for?”

Perhaps you are an individual in recovery – working a program, possibly 12-step, that is helping to keep you sober from vices like unwanted sexual behaviour, the abuse of substances, or an eating disorder. You belong here. 

Perhaps you are an individual that struggles with the issues listed above, but you wouldn’t consider yourself to be someone “in recovery” rather someone inactive addiction or dependence. You also belong here. 

Perhaps you are a parent and your child struggles with addiction, and you just don’t know what to do anymore. You belong here too.


Perhaps you are an individual that struggles with mental health issues like depression and anxiety – possibly leading to self harm or thoughts and attempts of suicide. You, too, belong here.

Perhaps you are here because you just feel lost – like you have no sense of purpose and you are disconnected from the world around you. You belong here as well. 

Perhaps you are an individual hat is going through a difficult season of life and needs a safe place to simply fall apart. Yes, you belong here.

Come for the hope, stay for the healing.

Healing Groups

Participants in Healing Groups have a willingness to be vulnerable in a healing community. We are willing to take an honest look at what parts of our lives have become unmanageable and to assess how we have participated in the unmanageability. Our hope is to create a safe and sacred space where people can be fully known and heal together in the context of a Christ-centered community defined by both empathy and belonging. You are welcome here.

Restoration Nights happen every Friday during our Ministry Seasons from 6-8 pm in theChapel (4425 N. Highway 19A, Mt. Dora, FL) and they are open to everyone.

Season Calendar


Healing Groups meet from 7-8pm on Fridays

Restoration Nights take place from 6-8pm on Fridays

BREAK: AUG. 5 – SEP. 9
Healing Groups will not be meeting


SEASON: SEPT. 16 – NOV. 18
Restoration Nights take place from 6-8pm on Fridays

Restoration Nights Volunteers

Have you experienced healing in your life? Have you found healing from a crisis or a devastating loss? Perhaps you are in recovery from an addiction to substances, sex, food, etc...and you want to give back. Maybe your next step is to serve at our Restoration Nights. We have been freed from our sin in Christ and we are called to disciple others. Do you feel unqualified to serve on these nights? Well, you're right. The truth is we all are unqualified. But do not fear! This is what this training is for. Come and take your next step and serve on Friday nights!