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Worship has a unique way of connecting with people and drawing them into God's presence like nothing else can. On any given Sunday we will be dealing with people from different political views, different ages, different backgrounds, even different cultures. Worship has the ability to cross all of those lines and unite people. It's the ultimate invitation for people to experience the Kingdom life. Joel Houston said “music possesses the ability to truly touch the heart without the heart's permission”. Worship can break down and soften even the most hardened of hearts.

Our team members that are responsible for worship are Kharl Kapp and David Oliver Willis.

Kharl Kapp

Music Director

Kharl is the head of our worship ministry and the Music Director. He makes sure that all things music and production run smoothly on Sunday mornings. He is also the one that makes sure the worship leaders vision happens from a musical perspective.

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For more information about Worship,
please reach out to our Worship Director, Kharl!

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