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What Is Love?

Robert Palmer once said that we are all addicted to it, the Beatles said it is the only thing we need. Meatloaf said he would do anything for it except he won’t do that, Tina Turner wanted to know what it had to do with anything? Adam Sandler said that it stinks, Sarah McLachlan said it is better than ice cream. Huey Lewis told us it could make one man weep and another man sing…..The “it” we are talking about is a very powerful force.

Do you know what “it” is? Love.

It is hard to find a topic that has grabbed the imagination of the human race more than Love. Love has captivated the imaginations of poets, songwriters, and philosophers for as long as time has existed.As intriguing as Love is, it can be equally difficult to define. Love can not be placed under a microscope and it can not be placed on a scale. In that same way, we have confused matters even more with our modern use of language. We will tell a loved one we love them and then turn around and say we love Taco Tuesdays.

Over the next couple of months, we are going to be turning to God’s word as we seek to learn what God says about Love. The Good News for us is that God has plenty to say about it. The Bible goes as far as to tell us that God is Love!