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Reopening Christianity

Nobody could have predicted our new decade would start out the way that it has.  A global pandemic has struck that has caused dramatic changes across the world.  There are many obstacles due to this pandemic, but one amazing opportunity it has created is the chance to refocus our lives on God.

Before coronavirus our collective witness of Jesus to others was at best a shadow of what it ought to have been.  The people we are trying to reach sometimes characterize us as the exact opposite of the one that we are pursuing after.  Jesus is known for grace, good works, unity, and love.  His followers are known for judgment, hypocrisy, division, and hatred.

Over the coming weeks and months, there will be great debate over how and when to reopen our economy.

But what if we could reopen Christianity?  What if we could acknowledge that we have gone far away from who the God in the Bible has called us to be?  What if we could use this time to refocus and come out a stronger representation of who Jesus is? Over the coming weeks, we will look at “Reopening Christianity” and focus on five questions every Christian must ask.