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The purpose of preaching is invitation.


In Mark 16:15, Jesus instructs believers, to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

The word “preach” comes from the Greek word kerusso, which means to proclaim, to declare, to announce, or to herald a message. As believers of Jesus, we are very literally called to be messengers. We have been given the mandate to proclaim to the world that Jesus Christ has made a way for all of us to be in a relationship with the Father. We firmly believe that this proclamation takes on the form of an invitation. All discipleship starts with an invitation. All of us are invited into a life we could never qualify for in our own ability. It’s an invitation sent in grace and received in faith.

In Mark 4:19 Jesus says this to His disciples: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus extends an invitation connected to a promise. He is telling us that if we will simply place our trust in Him, He will transform our lives forever. We will never be the same again.

We believe that our job is as simple as giving the world a wide-open invitation to receiving redemption and life.

Here at theCross we believe it is our mission to extend an invitation to all those that are lost and we have turned this invitation into a celebration of all the goodness of God.

Our Sunday morning services are an “open house” to the Kingdom of God. We strive to create an environment that gives people a glimpse of the Kingdom life, and then we invite them to join us in the pursuit of that life. Whether it is through our community outreaches, online platforms, or Sunday morning worship services, we strive to celebrate the good news of the Gospel by inviting lost people to join us on the journey.


Every week we hear a message from one of our amazing pastors that consists of biblical truth, grace, love, and maybe a few jokes from time to time!


When it comes to worship, it’s extremely difficult to place it into any one box. Worship possesses the power to preach, teach, and heal, so where do you place it? We have decided to place it under the preaching ministry here at theCross. If Sunday mornings are all about throwing welcome home parties for the lost and hurting, it is crucial that we have some good music to go with the celebrations! You can’t have a good party without good music!


Our Communications Ministry deals with all things pertaining to the church online. Every Facebook post, online Bible study, Sunday service stream, and website update, is a direct result of the communications team.


We believe that it is important for us to show the love of Christ through acts of service here in our community that the Lord has placed us in!